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All photographs & project details courtesy to Architects.
Prathama Blood Centre


Project Details
Client: Advance transfusion medical research Foundation
Architect: Matharoo Associates

The Center has its origins in an invited Architectural Competition in 1998. The promoters, Advanced Transfusion Medical Research Foundation, a not for profit charitable trust envisioned a place that would revolutionaries voluntary blood collection and blood component disbursal without replacement, through professional management at affordable costs. 'Prathama' is the country's first, situated in Ahmedabad. Being a pioneering endeavor, the building had to be a new 'type', where the challenge was to make a service intensive medical entity into a playful, intuitive receptacle, by removing the repulsion associated with medical facilities and transforming it into an inviting public domain. Located on a non-descript comer plot donated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, the site offered no specific context to begin with.
The plan is an outcome of a rational step-by-step intervention that resulted in the basic defining lines, and the Void. The exterior skin that presents an image of 'the simple and one', disintegrates into sub spaces as soon as the entrance ushers one into a four-storey 'Void'. From this buffer, a person here becomes visually conscious of the activities carried out. The glass wall disappears showcasing the complete 'Process', highlights of which, like the Blast Freezer, Conference room and a Hangout balcony are further accentuated by protruding them out of the glass wall.
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